Men need to be Safer Online (Period).

Women are not the only ones who are being abused online according to a recent article posted on Arousr.  Men who lack confidence and who seek “safe” relationships online are preyed upon by women (and men) who enjoy the control that the abuse brings to them.

A seemingly safe relationship is one that takes place on the phone or behind a computer screen. These relationships do not require a great deal of actual human or social connection. It makes them seem safer. But are they really?  We provide a great deal of personal information on the web.  We are not safe.

Hidden Abuses

This abuse comes mostly in the way of blackmail or the threat of ridicule. It can have devastating effects on the psyche of the male and often leads to added sexual problems.

A recent article on Arousr outlines this problem quite effectively and I thought I would share it with our readers. To be honest, I do not think I can say it any better.


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